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<![CDATA[Stompbox Exhibit:  Brooklyn, NY.  September 9th & 10th.  Main Drag Music.]]>Tue, 05 Sep 2017 11:30:57 GMThttp://lightningboyaudio.com/mikes-blog/stompbox-exhibit-brooklyn-ny-september-9th-10th-main-drag-musicPicture
Lightning Boy Audio will be making our first public appearance (trade show) this coming weekend in Brooklyn, NY for the Stompbox Exhibit at Main Drag Music.  Its free to attend, but you'll need to RSVP here.

I'm sending Jon off to represent LBA for the weekend.  People are encouraged to bring a guitar to plug in with.  Headphones will be provided by the event.  All the pedals are run into amp simulators.  We will have a pedal board with our Op-2 Comp, the stock Thunder Knob, and the premium version of the Thunder Knob.  The Thunder Knob will also be featured on a mixed A/B board.  That particular board features overdrive pedals from a variety of manufacturers.  There will also be an isolation room with guitar amplifiers so you can plug either of our pedals directly into a real amp.  

If you're in the greater NYC area, please stop out this weekend to experience the Lightning Boy sound first hand.  More information on the event can be found here:  http://pedals.thedelimagazine.com/brooklyn-stompbox-exhibit-2017/

<![CDATA[Op-2 Comp orders and delays]]>Fri, 01 Sep 2017 03:17:46 GMThttp://lightningboyaudio.com/mikes-blog/op-2-comp-orders-and-delaysWell, we ran out of Op-2 Comp cases.  Not entirely a bad thing IMO.  The only bad thing about that is on my end.  Its expensive making more of them.  Don't worry though, work is under way.  I have received a number of requests/inquiries about the Op-2 lately.  It has been regretfully unavailable for the past couple weeks due to our lack of Op-2 pedal cases.  They are very expensive to produce and really can only be slightly economical when ordering in mass quantities.  Blank cases have been ordered and the machine shop has been informed of our intentions.  We are hoping to have Op-2 Comp pedals ready to ship by September 15th.  I will update with a future blog post if anything changes.  We are on track though.  Thank you for your patience.  Much love!  ]]><![CDATA[LBA's first trade show appearance.  Stompbox Exhibit.  NYC.  September 9-10, 2017.]]>Fri, 18 Aug 2017 22:21:46 GMThttp://lightningboyaudio.com/mikes-blog/lbas-first-trade-show-appearance-stompbox-exhibit-nyc-september-9-10-2017That's right.  We're making our public trade show debut in NYC on September 9-10th for the Stompbox Exhibit (information here).  To be honest, its a fairly small event when compared to conventions like AES, and NAMM.  Nevertheless, we're really looking forward to this!  Jon will be representing LBA for the event and he'll have with him a few of our new Thunder Knob pedals, along with an Op-2 Comp.  If you're in the area around then, please stop by with (or without) your guitar and plug in for a first hand experience of the Lightning Boy sound!  ]]><![CDATA[I took an intentional break from the blog, but I'm back now.]]>Thu, 17 Aug 2017 12:09:21 GMThttp://lightningboyaudio.com/mikes-blog/i-took-an-intentional-break-from-the-blog-but-im-back-nowIt has been a time of top secret hush hush as I worked over the past  couple months to develop what is probably the greatest FX pedal design I've mustered to date.  From an electrical engineering standpoint, its pretty advanced.  From a musician standpoint, well I'll let you be the judge of that.  I give to you one of my proudest achievements, Thunder Knob!  
<![CDATA[FREE SHIPPING ON ALL USA ORDERS!]]>Tue, 06 Jun 2017 11:12:27 GMThttp://lightningboyaudio.com/mikes-blog/free-shipping-on-all-usa-ordersFor all orders in the USA, shipping is now free.  Its not a sale or a limited time thing.  This is something I plan to keep as a permanent fixture.  Dig around the store section of this site.  New lower price on the Flux Bender, thanks to the new revision A.  Here's the new demo of that if you haven't seen it already:  ​
Lower price on the Op-2 Comp "BLEM."  Just $299 USD + Free Shipping while supplies last.  We only have 2 of the blemished models left, so don't snooze on this deal!  
<![CDATA[The Lightning Boy II - Revision A]]>Thu, 18 May 2017 12:15:48 GMThttp://lightningboyaudio.com/mikes-blog/the-lightning-boy-ii-revision-aThis past Monday I started labeling the LBII pedals (inside cover) as Revision A.  I'll list out the updates below:
  1. One small swap of wires improves the circuit impedance, resulting in ~25% more volume, a brighter/meaner tone, and slightly less noise.  
  2. A bleed resistor was added to the power capacitor bank.  This has no effect on the B+ voltage when the pedal is powered up.  When powered down it will dissipate the stored charge in the caps over the course of about 10 minutes.  Without this resistor is can take a week or more for the caps to self discharge.  The point of the bleed resistor is safety, related to servicing.  
  3. A bleed resistor was added to the circuit input to minimize the click sound from the stomp switch.  
  4. Wiring layout improved for aesthetics.  

Anyone who purchased an LBII pedal before May 15, 2017 can have their pedal updated to Revision A for $10.  Owner is responsible for round trip shipping charges to LBA.  Email sales@lightningboyaudio.com to schedule an update to your pedal.  ]]>
<![CDATA[Exciting times.  Please share in the developments.]]>Tue, 09 May 2017 20:10:18 GMThttp://lightningboyaudio.com/mikes-blog/exciting-times-please-share-in-the-developmentsSo many things are cooking, but is it all good?  I created a group on facebook called the Lightning Boy Audio focus group.  Its open to join, but a closed group that requires my approval for you to join.  I'd prefer if you owned something LBA before joining.  Your input would be more highly valued since you would have first hand experience with products.  If you're on facebook and you'd like to join, please either use this link:  ​https://www.facebook.com/groups/793490294159998/ or look up Lightning Boy Audio focus group.  Customer feedback is always appreciated.  This is an opportunity to help direct the development of new and existing products.  Thank you!]]><![CDATA[Spring Cleaning - Help us clear out some inventory.]]>Wed, 03 May 2017 11:13:15 GMThttp://lightningboyaudio.com/mikes-blog/spring-cleaning-help-us-clear-out-some-inventoryI reduced the price of the Op-2 Comp "BLEM" pedals.  We have 4 in stock as of this post.  They are now under $300.  Thats about 17% off!  Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.  Its the same awesome pedal inside and its brand new.  Just a misprint on the case.  If you want to thicken up your guitar and add some warmth to your signal, this is the perfect pedal for you!  Check it out here:  Op-2 Comp BLEM
When I was getting the first batch of Op-2 Comp pedal cases made we did a run of about 18.  Just after they came back I decided a few changes needed to be made to the pedal before we could release it.  Those changes were made and we did another run of pedal cases with the correct printing.  The misprinted cases are the BLEM models that we're selling for a reduced price.]]>